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I was just 16 years old when I had my first heart surgery. The doctors had been monitoring my progressively worsening heart murmur from birth. Till this day we don't know what caused it.  Some doctors say I had Rheumatic Fever as a newborn, others say its a birth defect.  Either way, I often think about the unique health cards I was dealt at random.

And how they could have been anything.  


I am able to sympathize with people who have Intellectual Disabilities.  The regular doctor's visits, the questions with no answers, and the need for support.  I’m grateful to have had a family with the resources to make sure my "hand of cards" did not affect my quality of life. And that is my mission for the clients I serve.


I thoroughly enjoy having clients in my home. I enjoy the company.  The cats enjoy them too, but they won't admit to that. 


You really don't know what cards you will be dealt with in this life but the important thing is to be with a community of people who are committed to helping you reach your optimal quality of life.


KP Supports is that kind of community and I'm just a host home provider that want to do more."


Kamelah Miller 

Executive Director, KP SUPPORTS

Our Mission

“Passionately Working To Improving Lives”


KP Supports delivers people-centered services to positively improve people’s lives and integrate them in the local community. To reshape the concept of peaceful coexistence with individuals, intellectual and developmental disabilities, to the point that there is no doubt on whether persons and families want to be treated equally. To ensure a beautiful life for all – regardless of age or developmental disability – requires a level of personal-determination. That is why, as much as possible, we empower those entrusted to us to assist in the planning of their health and positive daily activities. 

Our Vision

“Encouraging Individuals to Enjoy, Grow, Live, and find Their Own Way in Life.”


KP Supports can epitomize consistency in delivering its behavioral health and intellectual disorder services across Colorado. Our aim is to bring opportunities for individuals with IDD and their caregivers to engage entirely in society. People with intellectual disabilities are the same as all people and deserve all the values and fundamental freedoms, including life, equality, and pursuit of happiness. They have preferences on how and where they live, what to eat, read, enjoy, and achieve their goals; at KP Supports we, are  value these facets of life d, and wholeheartedly support our clients to achieve their most optimal quality of life.  get the helping hands they needed.

Our Values

Quality Services: to offer high-quality, above and beyond services. 

Person-Centered: Supporting a self-directed learning environment, engaging specifically engage efficiently in activities that impact their lives. 

Professional Development: We at KP Supports are forever students.  We learn more about our industry and the people we serve daily.


Respect: We believe every individual has something unique to offer and want people to be comfortable to express themselves without fear of judgment.

Result-Oriented: Our staff are result-oriented and prioritize consistency and accurate information. 

Care Takers: We always take preventive measures to s, provide a superior and competitive community with a stress relief environment. 

Knowledge: We encourage innovations that bring ease to our clients and members, and always open for betterment in any area.

Kindness: That can include respect and understanding, devotion, acceptance, confidence, unconditional love, kindness, and peace. 

Solution Based: We make our clients go through a solution-based process that enables them to live a fully-abled life revolving around travel, health, employment, education, relationship, and much more. 

Accountability: At KP Supports tracking, assessing, and improving is what we do.

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