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We have extremely qualified and well trained Host Home Providers and staff  that are compensated accordingly

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KP Supports provides complete residential supports for adults who see the world differently through intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We help them to support a healthy lifestyle in their own unique way by placing them in in Host Home that suits their individual wants and needs.  All of our Host Home Providers have QMAP, CPR and First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Defensive Drivers Training, Crisis Prevention, and Client Specific in house training.  


We do our absolute best to make sure providers are prepared and able to handle challenging situations.  


A KP Supports Host Home Provider welcomes a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their home and provide them with a safe and loving environment. Host home providers can be an individual or a family who wish to take care of the health and safety of an individual.  We try our very best to match clients and host home providers based on similar interest, safety needs, personal preferences, and overall chemistry.   

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For our clients, KP Supports Host Homes help strengthen the following: 

  • Life skills development

  • A feeling of belonging

  • Overall safety  

  • Responsibility 

  • Positive interactions 

  • Self Esteem

  • Communication skills 

What Makes KP Supports Host Homes Special?

We understand experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities is difficult, and our clients see the world in a unique way. We try our best to provide them a comfortable atmosphere where they can interact, learn, and live their lives.

We feel a desire to do something that can change lives for the better!


We want to provide every individual a loving, affectionate and warm home where they can intergrade into a family unit.


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A home is more than just a place we live; it is a place where we share a special bond called relationship, where we cherish memories, where we support each other and help each other to improve lives. 


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